How to Write a Wish List

By Angel | January 26, 2012 3:48 pm |

I adore all kinds of “Wish Lists” because I hate unwanted gifts and I don’t want to receive something terrible or boring. So here are my rules of writing a perfect wish list.

H to Write a Wish List

- your list should contain all kinds of things, I mean they should be able to suit any budgets;

- your list can contain everything you really need or simply have been dreaming of;

- always think before including any items into your list, because a person can choose it and present and it can be something you don’t need at all;

- let your list be positive and close to reality;

- don’t forget to place it somewhere and tell your friends about it;

- there are tons of services where you can create your online wish list.

Hope, you will get everything you want!

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